A Reformed church is a Christian church with its roots in the Great Reformation of 1517. More than that, it is a church in which the Bible is considered the highest authority in matters of faith and life. We believe that Reformed teaching is founded on the Bible and we are convinced that it is an accurate and faithful reflection of the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, and the totality of the Scriptures.

In the Prince George Canadian Reformed Church we meet together every Sunday at 10:00am and 11:30am. Our services revolve around worship (congregational singing) and preaching/teaching.

We believe that worship is the main purpose of our lives but that on Sundays we come together to worship in a special way, gathered together as God’s people in Jesus Christ.

We believe that preaching should explain and apply God’s word, the Bible, and that when it does God powerfully speaks to us through it.

In the 10:00 service we hear a sermon from a passage in the Bible, while in the 11:30 service we participate in a lesson from one of our confessions, usually the Heidelberg Catechism. For more information about the Heidelberg Catechism please click here.

We believe that the hallmark of a faithful church is that in all things it strives to conform to what God has revealed to us in the Bible. This is true not only of the gospel message itself, but also of what God has shown us with respect to church leadership, worship, and the Christian life.

We believe that the church is more than a place people meet on Sunday; instead it is “the body of Christ”. Jesus Christ lives among us and we are called to live like him with each other. As it says in the New Testament, we are called to be “a hand and a foot” to each other, by loving, supporting, and sometimes challenging each other as we try to live faithful lives.

Please join us for Sunday worship. If you’ve never been in a Reformed church the worship style and the structure of the service may take some getting used to, but we hope you will see that it is God-honoring and faith-strengthening.

For more information about the Canadian Reformed group of churches, please visit  www.canrc.org.